‘The Walking Dead’ To Introduce Another Popular Character From the Comic | EW


Great for the comic fans but hopefully this new character will get more actual character development than Michonne.


I am so fucking sick and tired of people saying that Michonne has no character development after the three episodes she’s been in. SHUT UP. Can you just let this story play out a second? Because we had to wait for a four page ‘bonus’ in fucking PLAYBOY to learn her backstory like SIX YEARS AFTER SHE’D ALREADY BEEN IN THE COMIC. (That’s an approximation.) So. Yes. Just sit back and relax and bask in the knowledge that she could fuck you up in a heart beat.

No doubting that she could fuck me up, nor am I asking for her complete backstory, but her current storyline with Andrea makes no sense and has no stakes if we have no idea what they went through in the past 8 months. They’ve done plenty of telling us why we should be invested in their friendship but none of the showing, nor have they given any good reason or explanation for any of her motivations.