Pokemon meets Tekken, but only in Japanese arcades | ryanhatesthis


52 Unbelievable Video Game Things For Sale At The World’s Best Video Game Store, maybe the most Jeff Rubin’y video I know how to make.

The best 3 minutes you’ll spend tonight.

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Trailer: ‘Ratchet and Clank' - 2015

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As in ‘Super Smash Brothers’.

‘Angry Birds’ Gets Its Version of ‘Mario Kart’ with ‘Angry Birds Go’ | Variety)


Patent Pending’s “Hey Mario” makes me want a WiiU.

You’re a next level bro.

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Many more pics at Collider.


Angry Birds Star Wars Has Been Released
You know what the real problem is? There is nothing interesting about this video game at all. The gameplay is nonexistent, and instead of having a controller to play it. You have to sit in a theater and watch a really long cutscene. This game lacks any gameplay whatsoever.