By now you’ve likely seen the miraculously intact 1996 website for Space Jam in all its time capsule glory, but thanks to the sleuths at Movieline it’s become evident that the Jam isn’t the only one. 

Titanic (1997)

Titanic (1997)Titanics official Web site looks and feels as old today as its titular disaster was when this film came out in 1997. Best part of the site: Two separate Quicktime interviews with Billy Zane! Be warned, one of the interviews file size is a full two (!) megabytes.

Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)

Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)The site says it best: [R]emember -- this Web site is lethal!

You’ve Got Mail (1998) - Dated in both website and film content.

Youve Got Mail (1998)My favorite, with a long Flash based intro that ends with the iconic Youve Got Mail voice. Clicking on this link will turn your computer into a circa-1997 desktop Compaq Presario. The best feature is the guided tour of the Upper West Side: There's something about the Upper West Side that makes it such a special place in the hearts of many, that gives it a character so unique. Yes, as someone currently writing this from the Upper West Side, I cant decide if its the endless rows of chain stores (like the new Rag & Bone that just replaced my favorite bar) or the mile-long lines to get into the two remaining establishments that could be considered most unique. I blame Joe Fox.

Patch Adams (1998)

Patch Adams (1998)Two things on this site made me laugh. The first: a blurb on the home page by Gene

Mickey Blue Eyes (1999)

Mickey Blue Eyes (1999)More audio! But Hugh Grant's advisory is the really good stuff: Some the material on this Web site is of an adult nature, so, if you are 18 years or less, please exit now. Really? You had to be 19 to look at the Mickey Blue Eyes site? Are there nude pictures of Jeanne Tripplehorn and Burt Young? (Bonus: Look for the antiquated Two Weeks Notice pop-up Easter egg as well when attempting to close this.)

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)Remember when just the words CRUISE /  KIDMAN / KUBRICK were considered enough to get you into a movie theater? Or at least that was Warner Bros.' hope, because those rotating names are about the only thing thats on this official Web site. Oh, except for the link to Christiane Kubricks own website, which she, too, seems to have neglected a bit over the last 11 years.

Wild Wild West (1999)

Wild Wild West (1999)Welcome to the Wild Wild West Web site, a solid construction powered by the latest in steam technology!

Man on the Moon (1999)

Man on the Moon (1999)How the Internet survived when it seems that every Web site from this era insisted on using audio clips to greet viewers is beyond me. So, yeah: Be warned that you will hear Jim Carrey performing his Andy Kaufman impression(s) if you choose to click through.

American Beauty (1999)

American Beauty (1999)This Web site is kind of a trippy, frames-based nightmare. Put it this way: If this were 1999 and I just wanted to know what American Beauty was about, this is the last place I would go. From the site, I can only assume that Wes Bentleys character is named Beauty and that Kevin Spaceys character really loved The Whos Baba ORiley. Still, personally, I enjoyed the site more than I did the film.

Pay it Forward (2000)

Pay it Forward (2000)Kevin Spacey & SpaceyHelen Hunt & HuntHaley Joel Osment & OsmentJust watch the intro; the above will make a lot more sense. Honestly, if ever there were a Web site these stars should want removed as soon as possible to disguise the fact a film was ever released, this would be the one. Yet it lives on.

Battlefield Earth (2000)

Battlefield Earth (2000)Why the Web site animation only takes up a quarter of my computer screen, I have no idea.  Regardless, youre in for a treat. The most disappointing thing about Battlefield Earths site is that the link to the message boards no longer work, because Im sure those would be an entertaining read. But the link for crew states that its coming soon, so at least we can all look forward to that.